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RUSSIAN LETTERS for foreigners! (funny) - Иностранцы разбирают русский алфавит! (смешно)

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The Russian alphabet: this is what happens...
when showing Russian letters to foreigners…
... who don’t know Russian!

Иностранцы разбирают русский алфавит!

How would they pronounce РЕСТОРАН?
And who is ПАПА РИМСКИЙ?
And how about Russian cursive?

Would they be able to decipher the writing?
Even if we give them a few letters?

The answers are very funny!
Especially… if you learned Russian and know Russian letters.

At the same time: it’s not as difficult as it looks like. Everybody can learn the Russian alphabet!

If you know Russian letters, you’ll be able to understand a lot… because the Russian language has many international words as well!

You don’t know Russian yet, but you want to learn it?

For free weekly videos to learn Russian, subscribe to our channel:

Check out our website: https://www.learnrussian.org
for free exercises that come with the videos…

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